The Destruction of Wrecking Machines Citadel

Today it finally was the day for us to destroy the Citadel of Wrecking Machine, we reinforced over the last week. Short recap on that, last Wednesday we attacked it the first time and on Thursday we pushed it into its 2nd timer. This timer ended today and we were ready to kick that thing out of its orbit.

But, our enthusiasm was slowed down a bit, as we got a message from the CEO of the corp we are assisting in their war against Wrecking Machine. Wrecking Machine actually managed to transfer the ownership of said Citadel to another corp that left Wrecking Machine a day ago. So that corp inherited the war with the other corp but not us, Sev3rance and Yulai Federation, as allies. We are not really sure if that stuff should work the way it was working here, because intentionally once a structure is reinforced, it cannot be changed at all. Neither in its fitting nor its owner. So we opened a ticket to CCP at  this point.

The timing here was at a critical state, because the timer on that Citadel was running out around 1800 EVE Time, and they changed the owner a bit after 1430 EVE Time. Thus together with the mechanics implemented in joining a war as an ally would not have given us the chance to actually attack the Citadel. An ally joining in a war has a 4 hours timer until they actually can fight, to late for us. Nevertheless, we joined in anyway.

So we got outplayed it seemed. But we can play some shenanigans our self as well. So we shifted some neutral alts into the defender corp, to stall the repair timer long enough until we, at least the Yulai Federation, can attack the Citadel as well. The pilots online in the defender corp would have never been able to defend it anyway. So we helped out here a bit.

For Sev3rance it was unfortunately a bit to late to join in as well because we couldn’t get a hold of an official fast enough, and stalling the timer for more than an hour would be possible, but more than boring for all pilots involved. Same for the Central Omni Galactic Group, who decided to join the fun as well. Nevertheless, the pilots from Sev3rance and Central Omni Galactic Group joined the fleet anyway because there was still that war with Wrecking Machine going on, a common war target. And if they tried to do some funny stuff, they wanted to shoot them as well. So, we moved out, meeting the pilots from the defending corp in a nearby Low Sec system, and from together into the High Sec System where that Citadel was located.

The pilots of the defending corp began to shoot the Citadel and stopped the timer for us. As we could see, their DPS was enough to stop the timer, but not enough to actually kill that thing fast enough. So a group of 4 Cormorant class destroyers warped in, trying to snipe the defender pilots off the field, without success. Our Logistics pilots we brought with us managed to keep the ships alive.

Thanks to aggression mechanics in High Sec, our Logis inherited a Suspect Flag with that, so they would now be free to shoot for anyone in system. Some random neutrals warped in and tried, but terribly failed, the Logi pilots managed to keep them self alive.

After a certain amount of time, Yulai Federation finally was able to shoot at the Citadel as well, so our plan was a success, the timer has been stalled long enough. To get the pilots form Sev3rance on the kill mail as well, the FC from Sev3rance ordered them to dock up, go to the next system, grab a Noob Ship and run a suicide attack on that Citadel. Again, Sev3rance was not at war with the Citadel owner, so they got killed by CONCORD after that. But, they are on the kill mail, and losing some Noob Ships in order to be on a Citadel kill mail, totally worth it.

After some time, the Citadel died. Wrecking Machine, who are harassing several entities in our adjacent High Sec area and blowing up the Citadels of them, lost a Citadel of their own.

Kill Mail:

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