Attack on Wrecking Machines Astrahus

Since we successfully defended the Citadel of our allied Alt Corp in High Sec, we were looking for something to do with the war we have now. It is, after all, the first war we as an alliance started. So it’s something we are all pretty exited about.

Funny part, we spotted their Citadel during our defence on Tuesday and shortly before we formed our fleet to attack it, our scouts were reporting that Wrecking Machine has begun to unanchor it. Apparently in hope we they can keep it, somehow. Sorry guys. We moved out, couple of jumps to the High Sec system their Citadel is in and began with the shooting part.

In case you are not familiar with the mechanics, you still can shoot a Citadel that is in its unanchoring phase. Once successfully reinforced, it will stop the unanchoring and go through its normal reinforcement cycles. Unanchoring itself takes 7 days, we stopped that and managed to reinforce it to its first timer.

OP success, Citadel reinforced.
Our “war diplomat” got permission from Sev3rance and Yulai to contact Wrecking Machine to send them our terms for their surrender. Non negotiable, of course. So let’s see what they do …

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