How To Join Yulai Federation

Any pilot or corporation can apply to the Yulai Federation, but only those worthy of holding citizenship in the Federation are accepted. You can apply to Yulai Federation at any time, no matter your skill level. We have member corporations of every kind – from new pilot friendly to veterans only. We also have corporations from every time zone, from Europe to Australia to America and beyond.

Corporations Welcome

If you are a corporation looking for an alliance or community to be a part of, apply to Yulai Federation today! We will accept any corporation application so long as your corporation has at least 15 individual pilots, can train our coalition doctrine fittings, and can field at least 50% of PvP pilots to defend our home in Providence.

If your corporation matches that description, join our in-game channel “YF-DIPLO” for a list of contacts and information in the channel’s MOTD, or you can fill out an application.

Veteran Pilots Welcome

If you are returning to EVE and your corporation has gone inactive or you would like to find a new home, join any of our member corporations. To learn more about which corporation may fit you best, review each corporation’s page to learn more about our member corporations.

Additionally, you can join our in-game channel “YF-DIPLO” and ask one of our diplomats about which corporation would best suit your needs.

New Pilots Welcome

If you are new to EVE and you need help finding your place in the game, join the Yulai Academy! Here, you will learn how to play EVE like a veteran player and build the skills you need so that in a very short time, you can fly in our new-pilot friendly fleets. We offer free ships for our players who want to get into PvP.

Service Guarantees Citizenship

Still unsure as to whether or not you can fly with the Yulai Federation? Even if you are denied immediate entry to join as a citizen of the Yulai Federation, come to Providence and fight with us to defend our space. If you serve Providence, you and/or your corporation will be rewarded with citizenship to Yulai Federation.