About Yulai Federation

Who Are We?

We are the Yulai Federation, a proud sovereignty-holding alliance of the Provibloc coalition.

The story of the Yulai Federation is the story of Providence, beginning with the reconquest of 2010 when the Yulai Federation was founded. Today, we stand where we have always stood – for the freedom and betterment of all who oppose the scourge of piracy and the tyranny of the NBSI alliances.

We fight for the idea that is Providence – a place for all those who want to take that leap into the unknown but who don’t want to live under the oppression that comes with joining the NBSI alliances.

What Can Yulai Federation Do For You?

Citizenship in the Yulai Federation brings with it many benefits, including:

  • PvP
    • Combat fleets of all sizes – from small, kitchen sink roams to large coalition battles
    • Capital Warfare
    • Ship Reimbursement Program (SRP)
    • Combat fleets and trainings for PvP starters with free ships
  • PvE / Industry
    • Nullsec ratting & exploration fleets
    • Nullsec mining fleets
    • Citadels, Engineering Complexes and Refineries with maximum upgrades for research, production, reprocessing and moon mining
    • Planets for Planetary Interaction with low export tax
    • Buyback programs for most items
  • Community
    • New player friendly
    • Famous NRDS philosophy (Not Red Dont Shoot) which makes our space accessible for neutral pilots
    • Several highsec and lowsec entrances to our region

What Do We Do?

We fight to defend our space and lay waste to our enemies. We kill NPCs and explore. We mine and build. There isn’t a single activity in EVE that we don’t engage in, all so that we can keep Providence independent and free.

What Do We Expect Out Of You?

We expect you to live your life outside of the game. But when you are online, we expect you to be willing to fly in a moment’s notice and form up to defend Providence against those that would try and destroy all that Providence stands for. They will never succeed because the Yulai Federation will always stand in their way. Providence will always stand so long as pilots like you answer the call to fight with us.

Remember that Service guarantees citizenship – if you serve  Yulai Federation faithfully, you will earn your spot in Providence.