Pushing Wrecking Machines Astrahus into its 2nd timer

On Wednesday we successfully managed to stop Wrecking Machine from unanchoring their Astrahus Citadel by attacking it and putting it into its 1st reinforcement timer. The first reinforcement timer on a Citadel will happen, when an attacker manages to shoot down all the shield of said Citadel.

On Thursday we returned to continue our job and triggered the 2nd reinforcement timer by shooting down all its armour. The 2nd reinforcement timer is longer than the first one, actually 6 days, instead of the 24 hours of the first timer. That gives them enough time to think about our offer to surrender we sent to them on Wednesday and we have enough time to decide if we actually extend the war and go for the final kill on that thing or not.

The latter is a matter we have to discuss with our commanders and with Sev3rance as well, since this is a joined operation. But as thing look at the moment, we might go for it, let’s see …

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