Citadel Defence in High Sec

During last weeks Raumwaffe fleet, we heard of a group of pilots, mostly in Nightmares and Basilisks, reinforcing an Astrahus Citadel in nearby High Sec system of Esescama. At that moment, we didn’t pay any attention to it, because High Sec, not Providence, so why should we care. As things turned out, the owner is a friend of our ally and neighbour Sev3rance.

So a mail from one of their diplomats reached us, asking for help. The Citadel belongs to one of their High Sec corps, that are not in alliance. That actually would mean, that we join an active war as ally of the defender. After some internal discussion, we decided to do so.

We tried to time our assistance in this war as close as possible to the end of the Citadel’s reinforcement timer, which was the last timer by the way, so if it got hit again, it would be destroyed. The assistance was accepted by the CEO of said corp and with that, the Yulai Federation was at war. Together with Sev3rance, who joined at the same time.

As the time came, we formed a fleet to defend the Citadel. To be fair, we expected not that many pilots in fleet and prepared us mentally for a hard fight against a Nightmare fleet. But we got more than 100 pilots in fleet, from both alliances. All that, just to defend a Citadel in High Sec. Pretty cool.

As we came closer to Esescama, we got intel that the war targets actually are logging off, not bringing any fight. Blueballing us, how rude …

But, nevertheless, we guarded the Citadel through it’s repair cycle and even waited out the rest of it’s vulnerability timer to go off, just to make sure it is really safe and cannot be shot again shortly after we went home.

All in all, no fight, Citadel saved, nice fleet, lots of fun on comms, so we call it an OP success.

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