Ushra’Khan invasion of Providence

Quite a couple of weeks ago, we received word that the Minmatar Faction Warfare alliance Ushra’Khan is planning on invading Providence. And also quite some weeks it went radio silence on that matter. So secretly we prepared for that. Today their alliance mail reached us, announcing the start of Phase 3, the actual invasion for today.

Ushra'Khan Alliance Mail

So we formed our defense fleets and were waiting. After some time and our scouts reporting nothing really big or fancy in their staging system, we went to that system to say hello and to ask where the invasion got stuck and if we might be off help with something. Such an invasion is a tricky thing and needs a lot of preparation and stuff, so maybe they just needed some help.

But unfortunately they didn’t really want to play with us, so we went back home. Our scouts were reporting a Mercenary Coalition fleet behind us. According to all we know, they might be allies of Ushra’Khan, so we decided to wait for them.

And really, they jumped in to us, obviously didn’t expect that much ships to fight, and got killed. Was a nice slaughter, but that’s all. So we stood down for the night.

Some quotes from their alliance mails:

Re: Alliance Operation: Providence Raiding Fleet
From: Acidcop Shardani
Sent: 2016.08.02 14:58
To: Ushra’Khan, Ashan Todako, Cheryl Taylor,


But the most important question of all…..Will they dance to our beat ? :)

Hope I get there in time…

Re: Alliance Operation: Providence Raiding Fleet
From: Monics Shakhtar
Sent: 2016.08.02 15:10
To: Acidcop Shardani, Ashan Todako, Cheryl Taylor,

They will dance in their clone bays :D

Re: Alliance Operation: Providence Raiding Fleet
From: Acidcop Shardani
Sent: 2016.08.02 15:12
To: Ashan Todako, Cheryl Taylor, Monics Shakhtar,

OOOOW YEAH BABY!!! They will wake in their bays Totally shaken , about to be stirred all over !

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