Fortizar defense in JEIV-E system

Since quite some time Providence is under siege of Triumvirate. (TRI), a member of the Vanguard Coalition. TRI deployed to the system of Hasateem to keep Providence forced busy and prevent them from joining VOLT in Catch in their fight against League of Unaligned Master Pilots (LUMPY), who are/were fighting over several systems in Catch.

With TRI in our vicinity we already had several skirmishes, CTAs and so on. Mostly during US time zone where Providence is not that strong at all. Sev3rance already lost a Fortizar type Citadel of theirs, which we were not able to defend. In EU time zone, TRI mostly blue balled us, meaning they were not coming at all to timers they generated.

Saturday TRI bridged in to the JEIV-E system and began their attack on the Fortizar type Citadel, which was reinforced 20 minutes later, giving a 24hrs timer to prepare. Those 24hrs were used by Providence coalition FCs to prepare and coordinate the defense fleets. A CTA was called, ships moved. As the timer slowly was coming to it’s end, Providence fleets bridged in to JEIV-E, a strong Nightmare fleet together with a good sized Goku fleet. Both fleets bridged directly to the Citadel and positioned them self. 4 seconds before the system wide cyno jammer was online, TRI lit a cyno bridged in a Machariel fleet at a safe spot somewhere in system.

Shorty after, a Tengu fleet from LUMPY was spotted in XHQ-7V while jumping into JEIV-E. Provis Nightmare fleet was directly warping to the gate to intercept those Tengus just to see them jumping out to XHQ-7V again. TRIs Machariels also warped to the XHQ-7V gate just to land somewhat 20km off Provis Nightmares. Both fleets began to exchange fire and LUMPY jumped back in again to join the fight. Also Provi Gokus joined in and began to dance with the Tengus. Eventually also Provi Capitals undocked and entered the battlefield. At this point it was clear that TRI and LUMPY had lost the fight.

jond-defense-mining-fleetFrom YF side we had a very nice turnout, with more than 90 YF pilots in system and in fleets, defending the Fortizar. Even passionate miners joined and did their part.

The Fortizar Citadel stayed untouched and was able to end it’s repair cycle without any interruption and was save with that. the strategic objective was met, the fight was brutal with more than 40 billion ISK lost in total, approx 11 billion on Provi side and 30 billion lost by TRI.

Good fight were exchanged in local and TRI left after a while back to Hasateem. Provi forces stayed a bit longer in JEIV-E but leaving soon as well. JEIIV-E returned to it’s normal business.

Thanks to all pilots who showed up.

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