“Why don’t you go solo Something?”

Location: N-RMSH
Time: 07:00
Date: April 13, 2017

Over a month ago, we brought you tales of the escapades of one of the great solo pilots in Providence, Dom Aumer. In that episode, which can be found here, our intrepid space pilot fought off a gang looking to wreak havoc on the miners of northern Providence, the jewel of New Eden. Today we return to bring you another tale of heroism, bravery, and flat-out hilarity as Dom “The Duke” Aumer fights the Sansha menace and a roaming thrasher mob all at once!

On a quiet Thursday during the wee hours of the morning, Dom had just finished up refereeing a food fight between two squabbling pilots that left him coated in pureed squash and peas. As he wearily changed out of his flightsuit for an unsoiled garment, he thought to himself, “Dom, why don’t you go solo something?”

Dom Aumer, being his own best adviser, listened to himself and hopped into his trusty, not-so-rusty Rattlesnake and began scanning intel, hoping some red gang would happen by upon which he could vent his frustrations. Tabbing rapidly between Provi’s half-dozen intel channels, Dom drew blank after blank after blank. Not content to sit docked and do nothing, Dom instead decided to do something to fight the Sansha menace, warping to the first anomaly he could find in his home system of N-RMSH. As he locked up the first red triangle and set his drones to work, Dom wondered aloud at how he, a longtime director in Lone Wolf Union, got to this point, ratting in a PvP faction battleship, throwing caution to the wind, hoping for someone to come along and try to blow him up.

Minutes stretched into, well, tens of minutes. Luck was on Dom’s side and a Thrasher gang managed to penetrate Provi’s intel network and appear suddenly in the adjacent system. Ignoring the sudden urgent requests to dock up in alliance chat, and throwing all sense of caution to the wind, Dom popped his drugs and began slowly chanting, “For Rounon, for Rounon, for Rounon” while sniffing the pages of his copy of Pax Amarria. The Thrasher gang entered local, and while calls of “red” popped onscreen, the Thrashers and their Sabre companion were already warping into promising anomalies. Eventually, one found Dom.

Waiting patiently for the entire gang to arrive and for the Sabre pilot to pop his bubble, Dom took stock of his situation. He knew he’d be hard-pressed in this fight, worrying about the Maulus pilot and his damps, and the Thrashers with their high alpha and selectable damage types. His worry was quickly shoved aside though, as the Sabre launched its interdiction probe and the fight began in earnest. Dom targeted the Taranis first and dispatched it quickly, removing the easiest ship from the field. Up next came the Maulus, which strayed too close to Dom’s grappler and died quickly as well.

By now the entire field was bubbled, with friend and foe alike unable to warp off. This played right into Dom’s hand, as he didn’t need to worry about the destroyers fleeing from the fight before he could shoot through their relatively small defenses. Over the next sixty seconds, Dom destroyed the remaining four Thrashers and Sabre, and even bagged a pod, much to the bewilderment of the enemy pilots, who clearly never expected to get their entire fleet wrecked in under two minutes to what they perceived to be a slow Provi ratter.

Smiling to himself as he surveyed the wreckage, our hero looked at his Rattlesnake. Finding no significant damage, Dom calmly targeted the next red triangle and turned back to the Sansha pirates. Finishing up the anomaly, Dom warped to a citadel and docked up to assess his supplies before heading back out again. Unlike the Thrasher gang, Dom knew the Sansha menace would keep coming.


Battle Report: https://zkillboard.com/related/30003763/201704130700/


Image by: BittyBam

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