The History of the Yulai Federation


The Yulai Federation (YF) was created on December 9th 2010, in the midst of Providence Coalition attempts to reclaim their region from hostile occupation. Its ideology: universal NRDS. Others had since long taken up this rule of engagement, but often alongside other political considerations of equal import or even merely as a means to greater goals. YF was to be its pure embodiment: anti-piracy, defender of the innocent, Concord where its reach did not extend. In spite of these special pretentions, this made Domain low-sec around Misaba, at the edge of the conflict between the NRDS forces of CVA and its allies, a natural staging point for YF and its small police force.

First space in Providence

In May 2011, YF gained its first space in null-sec as a reward for its role in the re-conquest of lower Providence. It was now visibly part of Provibloc. This public recognition signaled the first large expansion of its member base. With partial order restored, corporations were flocking back to Providence. YF’s uncompromising NRDS ideology and open policy towards all who shared its goals appealed to many.

Reclaiming Providence

The rest of 2011 and the first half of 2012 saw YF assist in reclaiming more systems for the coalition, like during the the battle for H6-CX8.

Defending null-sec civilization

YF defensive gangs were now roaming the Southern pipe up to D-GTMI, keeping systems safe and allowing null-sec civilization to thrive. A second contingent operated from the Great Wildlands, where a strong NRDS presence kept hostiles at bay during those days.

The second half of 2012 saw YF accept an offer to relocate to the other side of Providence and take up residence in the JEIV-E pocket and its adjacent pipe system, XHQ-7V. It was here that YF truly settled and grew into the alliance it is today…