Fanfest 2018 – The Videos

Fanfest is over, and for everyone who was not there or couldn’t watch it on CCP’s Twitch Channel, we try to collect all the videos here that CCP is going to upload for you guys to watch and enjoy. This year it was also the 15th anniversary of EVE Online.

  • Celebrating 15 Years of EVE

  • Opening Ceremony

  • EVE Online Keynote

  • Streamfleet Presentation

  • Improving Content Creation

  • Empire of EVE II

  • EVEProv

  • Building A Community

  • The Triglavian Domain

  • A Year In Review

  • CCP Games Games

  • The Art Of The Triglavian

  • The Jovian Riddle

  • Concept Art Live

  • Structures Presentation

  • A Day In The Life Of CCP Operations

  • On Safari With Baltech1

  • A Game of Holes: Year 9

  • Alliance Tournament Roundtable

  • Wormholes Roundtable

  • Lowsec and Faction Warfare Roundtable

  • Streamfleet Roundtable

  • The Triglavian Domain Roundtable

  • Closing Ceremony


Headerimage by: CCP
Videos by: CCP, Reload and General

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