Fanfest 2017 – The Videos

Fanfest is over, and for everyone who was not there or couldn’t watch it on CCP’s Twitch Channel, we try to collect all the videos here that CCP is going to upload for you guys to watch and enjoy.

  • Between Fanfests

  • Birth Of The Capsuleer

  • YC119 Kyonoke Inquest

  • Opening Ceremony

  • EVE Online Keynote

  • EVE: Valkyrie Keynote

  • Project Discovery Review

  • Project Discovery Exoplanets

  • The Physics Of New Eden

  • Structures

  • Phenomenal PvE

  • The EVE Online Experience

  • Ship and Module Balance

  • CSM Panel

  • New Player Experience

  • Game Design Panel

  • EVE Graphics and VFX

  • EVE Art 2016 Recap

  • Live Concept Art

  • EVE Art Feedback

  • ESI Does it

  • Autodesk: Bringing Creations To life

  • More To Trading than 0.01

  • My Megathron Was Fit With The Following

  • Virtual Business in EVE Online

  • Test Automation in EVE Dev

  • Parallels Of Martial Arts and EVE

  • The Discourse, Live!

  • EVE_NT: Events and EVEsports

  • Faces Behind The Wormhole

  • Lowering The Barriers To PvP

  • Closing Ceremony


Headerimage and Videos by: CCP

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