Zarnfell’s journey began many years before it was actually incorporated on March the 23rd of 2013. It’s current CEO and a group of friends, were running a set of six Corporations who worked together under a ‘virtual Alliance’. It really all began with the first Corp in that group, Quarks LLC, which was founded in 2010.

Running so many Corps separately, not as a formal Alliance, was very difficult with the expected internal conflicts and over time, the group started to drift further apart until the point that the ‘informal’ arrangement collapsed. Once the dust had settled, Zarnfell emerged as the combination of the willing members of that group. Three of the original Management from Quarks LLC remain in Zarnfell today, including the CEO.

Since then, Zarnfell has undertaken a multitude of roles within EvE from PvP and fleet operations, to mining and manufacturing in HiSec, LoSec and NullSec locations.

Originally, the Corporation flew with The Silent Ones Alliance (TSO). This group operated out of a HiSec island in LoSec space. It tried to grow enough to move to NullSec, but in the end failed. In the aftermath, Zarnfell chose to move to Providence in very early 2014. We loved it there but were not large enough to join Yulai at the time so flew as Neuts with offices in the Yulai Pocket.

Soon, Zarnfell was invited to join another Provi Alliance, Ark Alliance (ARK), and flew with them for a period of time. Ark had just received SOV of 6 systems in Provi when internal issues caused the Alliance leader to disband the Alliance. This was heart-breaking to Zarnfell as suddenly we lost our +10 status, and were once again nothing more than visitors in our own home in Providence.

We painfully chose to leave the area to find somewhere to grow again, where we could at least be +10 with an Alliance, have the benefits of jump bridges, Intel channels etc that we had become accustomed to as a part of Ark. We flew with The Southern Syndicate (TSS) for just over a year where we grew quickly and were SOV holders of one of the Alliance systems, conducting many industrial projects. Unfortunately, there was, again, some sort of issue within the upper levels of management and yet again, we logged in one day to find our Alliance disbanded and all our former friends set red to us.

Some of our friends were in Brothers of the Dark Sun Alliance (BRO) which was nearby. They invited us to join them. And we did so for a short time in 2016. They were a great group of people to play with, but by this time we were very unhappy with deep nullsec and wanted to get back closer to high sec in order to more easily import and export goods for our Indy work.

At this point, we felt that we could provide a more stable place for our members by creating our own Alliance. Zarnfell and our good friend Brimstone Shu, CEO of UWORD, founded The Face of the Anvil Alliance (TFOTA), an Industrial biased organization, and Brim and sundoc acted as co-Alliance Leaders from late 2016 through to early 2017.

On March 5th 2017, Yulai agreed to allow Zarnfell to join their Alliance. This was our original wish, way back before joining Ark, and it was irresistible. We handed control of our Alliance to UWORD, who remain very close friends, and Zarnfell returned to Providence and into Yulai space.

We were, finally, home again and where we intend to stay for as long as the game allows.