Yulai Guard

The Yulai Guard was founded in May of 2010 by Codo Yagari as a corporation that did not just happen to be NRDS, but considered it to be part of its core identity. Yulai refers to the home-system of CONCORD, and more specifically to the Yulai Convention, a document which is part of the game lore and is said to contain rules about the just grounds of hostile engagement. As Guardians of Yulai, we see ourselves as enforcing these rules in areas which CONCORD does not control. Hence, our identity revolves around defending those who become the victims of unjust NBSI aggressions in the null-sec regions of New Eden.

In December 2010 the Yulai Guard became the founding corporation of the Yulai Federation. Yulai Federation as an alliance adopts the very same ideas the Yulai Guard was founded on. We defend civilization and society in regions of space CONCORD takes no active interest in. Note the logo of the Yulai Federation is modeled after that of CONCORD.

During our years in Yulai Federation, the Yulai Guard has undergone numerous organizational changes. Initially, Yulai Guard was organized in up to 6 different corporations: The Yulai Guard, The Yulai Guard 1st through 4th Fleet and the Yulai Guard Fleet Yards, the latter being an industrial corporation. The 1st Fleet operated in Providence, while the 2nd Fleet staged from The Great Wildlands, where NRDS thrived as well at the time. The 3rd and 4th fleet were out of alliance corporations which never really grew to their full potential. At a later date, these several Fleets eventually merged into the 1st and ultimately back into the mother-corp, the Yulai Guard. Only recently did the Yulai Guard Fleet Yards also merge back into Yulai Guard. While we have been mainly a PvP corporation taking out pirates, since the merger with Yulai Guard Fleet Yards, we also have a small industrial operation running within our ranks.

Many Yulai Guard members have been around since the early days of Yulai Federation, when we were fighting alongside CVA and other allies to retake Providence from NCdot/Evoke. Yulai Guard became SOV holder for ZT-LPU in May 2011 after Yulai Federation was rewarded with, eventually, 4 systems in the Southern Pipe of Providence. This was of course all before we moved North, to the JEIV-E pocket.

Codo Yagari stepped down as CEO in the summer of 2013, giving the reins to Snoodaard Thrasy. In the spring of 2017 Codo Yagari returned to EVE and assumed the CEO role once more. Today the Yulai Guard retains sovereignty in XHQ-7V, one of the seven Yulai Federation alliance systems in the JEIV-E pocket. Despite having relinquished the Executorhood of the alliance to Terra Nanotech in December 2016, our ambition to maintain and increase the levels of decency and civilization in New Eden remains undiminished.