Valkyrie Knights

The deepest mystery of mankind lies within them self. Men may leave earth and travel through space. That makes them not smarter. Humans may use fancy technology. It makes them not happier. They have to start to explore themselves. Their true feelings. That is a journey everyone can do only himself. There is much to be investigated…

While other games have come and gone EVE has survived since more than 13 years. So do we live and expand in this game world. EVE Online is Real Life Science Fiction in a single universe where all your actions matter within 7.800 known star systems and 2500 wormhole systems. Our coalition holds sovereignty over all 84 star systems in Providence and some other regions.

Our members share certain ethical values. We try to make EVE a better place and have fun together. Freedom and respect each other need constant attention. Acting as part of a great team and alliance unlocks the best parts of the game. Together we make a difference: Strong military forces, explorers, miners, industrialists, researchers and traders: piece by piece we build an empire.

Valkyries on old mythology are the choosers of slain. They select those who are deemed to be worthy. We Valkyrie Knights determine honourable souls to go with us. Those who will become mighty warriors and grand builders of the new society. Most of our players live in European/African or North/South American time zones. We also got some players living in Australian or Asian time zones.

Apply today to join us. Be proud representative of a new order.