Valkyrie Knights

The Truth is out there. Released in numerous variations. But nobody cares about it. People only believe what they are ready to believe. And mankind is far away from being intelligent. Basically still apes handling technological tools instead of natural items. Problem is that men are seriously violating nature law and that is not to be tolerated much longer. How much time left until we get removed like dinosaurs and other species before?

What do we have to change? Ask and spend time with our children. They are our future. How we treat them is how we will be treated. There will be no peace on earth as long as we don’t make peace with our self and around us.

This is reflected in an internet spaceship game called EVE Online. Our members share certain ethical values. We try to make EVE a better place and have fun together. Individual freedom and respect to each other are high values. Acting as part of a great team and alliance unlocks the best parts of the game. Together we make a difference: Strong military forces, explorers, miners, industrialists, researchers and traders.

We offer:

  • PvP fleets from small kitchen sink fleets to very large coalition fleets
  • Capital Warfare
  • SRP Ship Replacement Program
  • PvP trainings with free ships
  • Nullsec ratting
  • Mission fleets
  • Exploration fleets
  • Mining fleets
  • Citadels and engineering complexes with maximum upgrades for reprocessing, research and production
  • Planets for planetary interaction with low export tax
  • Buyback programs for most items
  • Jump freighter service + highsec freight service
  • New player friendly
  • 100% safety from wars at our highsec corporations

Once founded at the end of 2014 as another highsec corporation, it was mid 2015 we got the chance to join an outstanding nullsec alliance like Yulai Federation to make growth and prosperity possible. Highsec wars that first had prevented further growth helped us to find a new home beyond the limits of highsec space.

Providence is a very special nullsec region in Amarr space. Our Provi-bloc coalition owns the entire Providence region with 84 star systems since ages. No other nullsec region has been held so long by an entity within game history. Neutral players are welcome thanks to the NRDS policy (Not Red Don’t Shoot). This brings large amount of activity. Most other player controlled nullsec space is closed to outsiders due to NBSI policy (Not Blue Shoot Immediately).

We are always looking for open minded players to join us.
Where do you wanna fly today?