The Stars in Heaven

The Stars in Heaven started its operation as a Japanese mining and industrial corporation on March, 19th 2016 in Providence. Originally, we collected ice for a living in Caldari high-sec system. As collapse in ice prices and increasing KAMIKAZE attacks, we began to have an admiration for NRDS policy. From the beginning of June 2015, we decided to moved Providence region to seek Miner’s heaven. After Imperium invasion in August 2016, what has been called “Burn Providence”, we contributed to the revival as a citizen and made good relationship with Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA) and Apocalypse Now (APOC). In March 2016, we founded current corporation (The Stars in Heaven) and added production to our corp operations.

When we assist to raise JEIV-E industry index, we met Rounon Dax, who is CEO of Terra Nanotech, and we were attracted to the Yulai Federation’s policy and their sophisticated organization. After discussion, we applied to Yulai Federation and were finally joining them on 27th June 2016.

Currently, we are still small corporation but we try to find our brethren, who respect NRDS policy and walk together with us, in order to enrich and defend our heavens, Yulai Federation.