The Meridian Conclave

For over a decade the core group of The Meridian Conclave has been around New Eden. First as a small group of friends as part of The Lions of Judah, later as a larger group of friends as part of The House of Trade, and now as an even larger evolving group known as The Meridian Conclave. We have been simple HS mission runners and miners; wormhole dwellers; and for the last few years, nullsec dwellers.

First, we moved to Fountain under the protection of Black Legion as they took over the area, but after splits and issues with having so much sovereignty, Black Legion pulled out of the region, leaving us in a precarious situation. So during the middle of one night, as we were camped into our pocket by enemy forces who were taking back Fountain, we made a break for it. Our next stop was The Drone Regions. It was during our time living in The Drone Regions our corp began to build up a strong PVP division to go along with our already strong industry division in response to a lack of unified defense from other members of the area of space we lived in. We helped defend the region from hotdroppers, NPSI fleets, and organized null sec alliances. We also helped smaller and larger PVE focused groups build up their own defense fleets and doctrines.

After leaving The Drone Regions, The Conclave moved to the Devoid region of high-security space and began to do low sec and null sec roams, as well as participate and even help coordinate NPSI fleets. During this time we anchored our first citadel in devoid space and got war deced by The Wrecking Machine. It was during this war that The Conclave would forever be changed with the meeting of Yulai Federation and Sev3rence, who were also at war with The Wrecking Machine. And with a combined effort, Yulai Federation, Sev3rence, The Conclave, and other Provibloc members managed to strike back at The Wrecking Machine and take down one of their citadels. It should be noted that due to prior actions in Providence, The Conclave had been put on the CVA KOS list. But after meeting and getting to know many of the Provi alliances we began to work toward getting off the KOS list and and made it our goal to join them and be part of something larger than ourselves and our pick up fleets.

Overall, the conclave has experienced a wide range of happenings in eve. Being part of the battle to destroy the first Keepstar, killing one of the oldest Titans in EVE, destroying one of the first Fortizars, as well as destroying the first Sotiyo. But the greatest of which may be destroying Wrecking Machine’s citadel and in doing so we made new friends. Ultimately, this led to us joining Yulai Federation to help the alliance accomplish their goals and to defend Providence space.