Terra Nanotech

Terra Nanotech started out as a small corporation consisting of seven pilots. It was founded on November 2nd, 2010 by Fornox, Norgdar and T3g0. During our first months we concentrated on simple highsec operations such as mining and PvE. In early 2011 we joined the German speaking alliance Confederate Economic Enterprises (CEE) under leadership of Callisto Sesswana. It was there where we had our first Nullsec experience by sporadically roaming through Providence and assisting the local NRDS forces. We also participated in reconnaissance missions of northern Providence after EVOKE left. It was also because of CEE that we became a strong supporter of the NRDS policy and we are loyal to Providence and it’s cause ever since.

In October 2011 Confederate Economic Enterprises was officially disbanded after a long and exhausting Highsec war. The months after CEE’s disbandment Terra Nanotech reorganised itself and got back to the usual Highsec business. By the end of 2011 Terra Nanotech managed to online the first two towers in the corporation’s history which paved the way for new possibilities for our corporation. Life in Highsec wasn’t always easy. We had to deal with some wardecs which heavily impeded our operations. Some weeks later it was decided to apply to a Nullsec alliance in Providence, both seeking protection and new possibilities regarding the further development of our corporation. After some thought and discussion Terra Nanotech joined New Eden Industrie Alliance (NEIA) in May 2012 which was residing in the QBL-BV pocket (F-DTOO) at that time. First we tried to be a Nullsec corp as well as operating in Highsec. Over time this proved quite difficult, mostly because of the constant Highsec wardecs. Eventually it was decided to abandon our Highsec operations and to completely concentrate on Nullsec life.

After six month of membership in NEIA the future of Terra Nanotech was discussed once again. We felt that NEIA wasn’t the right place for our corporation to prosper, that our corporation wouldn’t become what we had intended it to become. We decided to join one of the larger Provibloc alliances, so it didn’t take very long until we applied to Yulai Federation and finally joining them on November 28th, 2012.

Since that day, we are a vital member of the Yulai Federation. It was in this alliance where we made our greatest accomplishments. Since Terra Nanotech joined Yulai Federation the corporation prospered and developed into a strong and efficient community. We are now involved in various operations such as mining, production, development, PvE and PvP. Over the last two years we successfully improved our industry, became an important part of alliance and coalition operations, organised the German speaking community of Yulai Federation and most notably given the opportunity of administrating our own system within the our pocket.

We finally found our place and we are proud to be a member and, since December 2016, the executor corp of the Yulai Federation.