Star Tide Industries

Star Tide Industries was founded by Morgan Johnstone in YC116.07.28. It was a very small industrial corporation with minimal employees.

Not wanting to lose the corporate name, Johnstone, when he wished to move on, recruited a new CEO, Frank Kameny. to take over. The corp was kept in a holding pattern, fallow, for some time.

All this changed with the release of the first Upwell Structures. Star Tide Industries, very much taken with them, immediately started mining, working, and building an Astrahaus with plans to anchor it in Southern Devoid. The anchoring of the Citadel, the first in the system, attracted attention – the right kind of attention. Asked to join its first actual Alliance, LINKK, Star Tide settled in for a nice period of growth, camaraderie, industry, and good fights. Slowly and sustainably the crop grew 100% in employees.

But, as happens, small cracks had started to form between where Star Tide wanted to go & when, and where the Alliance leadership wanted to go. At the same time Kameny, after largely manning the helm for 3 years, stepped down in YC119.01.29, giving the CEO-ship to Morgan Garsk.

Under Garsk’s leadership, the cracks between Star Tide and LINKK finally opened up. Star Tide left the alliance in YC119.04.02. One of Garsk’s main initiatives was to move into Providence for initial NullSec mining and industry. The more he looked at the NRDS philosophy, the more he liked it. More than that, to the Corps surprise, the region seemingly welcomed us with open arms. Offers to join alliances came in, and after a short period of time, we chose the Yulai Federation and its people to become the backdrop of Star Tide’s next great adventure in New Eden!

Star Tide, despite its growth, remains a “family-feel” corporation. All of the active people know and recognize each other. Having said that, we have a very good history of welcoming and training the newbro. Some of our most active, and influential members are less than a year old. If you like flying with a close-knit group of people, who still realize that EVE is a game, come check us out!