Spark in the Dark

When you see a spark in the dark space, you see us.
It all started back in 2010, we were looking for a new challenge in the gaming world. So suddenly, our love for the EVE universe was born. We logged on, made a corporation and started exploring.

To explain some history: our first corporation, know as the Flanders Corporation. was mainly Dutch speaking. Garudja, Forstbyte and Vitalicer were the founding, Flemish speaking, members.
But sadly people went and go, a few stayed. After a few years we were looking for a new spark…

After some discussions, we decided to change our corporation’s name, so Spark in the Dark (in short SPiTH) was born.
This in the hope to recruit people that do not only speak the Dutch language. After two years, we are still together and a little bit bigger than before.
But it could be better.

So if you want to join a small, wealthy club in EVE, consider joining SPiTH.
We understand French, Dutch, English and German and are open to new EVE players.
Our goal is not to be a large corporation, just because we want to make sure every member is heard and will always be able to ask for help.

CEO Garudja, Treasury Manager Vitalicer, Captain Forstbyte and Chief Engineer Griezel welcom you all to join our corporation and become a Spark in the Dark.