Sister of Eve-Universe

Sister of Eve-Universe was founded in January 2016. 2 sisters wanted to play Eve, they soon realized that it was more than just a shooter game. The fascination of an economy, of developing, of mining, of activating on planets and of making moons usable, of making materials and of using them to build was fascinating. Exploring unknown areas, capturing and exploring relics and leaving their own mark was soon more than a challenge. Passion and communication with like-minded people awoke dreams that awaited our realization.

However, as in the real world, the two sisters got only resistance and rejection of a male-dominated structure. Those who do not fight have lost nothing here or are the ideal victim. But the order had provided something else for the sisters. From a help channel contact, the two heard from Providence, they heard from NRDS where all pilots are treated with respect as long as they adhere to the rules and laws. The fact that this paradise with the noblest ores, the most fertile planets and the rich moons was not in a high-security sector was quickly clear.

The new Corporation was founded and they made their way into the deepest 00 territory of Providence. 2 mining ships, a transporter, a salvage boat, much courage and curiosity was the beginning in O-Y5JQ. The basics were quickly learned, and after just one year, not only the hanger and the wallet were filled, but also the contacts and friendships began to grow. Slowly, like-minded people joined in, working together on projects and the growth of the Corp.

In December 2016, the biggest decision was to made so far. SoE-U joined the Yulai Federation. We were welcomed with open arms, friendliness and comradeship made us feel at home. Nowhere is the friendliness, the mutual help, the achievement of common goals and the hospitality of all strangers and travellers who adhere to the rules more appreciated than here. For us it has been the best decision to become part of this family.