Noobs for Ethnical Treatment of Scrubs

We are a kitchen-sink corporation that originally consists of our Clan; Noobs for Ethnical Treatment of Scrubs. We are a buch of friends who met both in real-life and online and formed a clan together. We value and prioritize fun for all above all else, and welcome you all on board.

We have no real aim in game other than to have fun, and to do it together, so you’ll find our members branching out to many different things in game. We are all for most part quite active in mining & industry as to support us, our members and our alliance, and have members branching of into ratting, exploring and the more advanced aspects of the game.

But, even as polite as we are, if you fuck with us we’ll fuck your shit up. Have you ever seen a gigantic Rifter fleet fuck someone’s day up? Well, your welcome to find out.