Naval Defence Force

Naval Defence is a NBSI corporation based out of Immensea. Our activities are focused on fighting to defend our home, plexing accounts through a diverse array of active and passive income options, and teaching new pilots PVP, nullsec life, and everything else that this game has to offer.

What we do

  • PVP: Daily roams, coalition fleets, & capital warfare
  • PVE: Daily combat site/mission running fleets- Mining: Daily nullsec standing fleets with mining boosts
  • Industry: Nullsec reprocessing/invention/industry with max bonuses
  • Exploration: Nullsec relic/data sites with intel for safety- Moon/PI: Nullsec moon mining and planets with low taxes

What can we offer

  • 0.0% tax rate
  • Corporation and alliance SRP
  • Competitive ore/material buyback
  • Regular classes on everything EVE
  • The best community in New Eden

Who we are

Founded in 2014, Naval Defence began as a small gang of friends. Over time, that circle of friends has grown but has never lost that close community, in and out of the game. Starting in 2016, Naval Defence relocated to the southern New Eden and moved into nullsec. In 2017, Naval Defence Force joined the Yulai Federation and was a founding member of the Yulai Academy, to help new and returning players learn how to fight and thrive in New Eden.

Our mission is to teach new students, make ISK, fight, and build a community that lasts. We operate out of the North American, European, and Australian timezones and speak primarily English, although we have players online all day and all over the world. We are proud members of the Yulai Federation.

Corporation Leadership

  • Commanding Officer: William Estemairen
  • Executive Officer: Artus Allier
  • Recruiting Officer: Kazerad Goysha
  • Diplomatic Officer: Fili Atheleous

Recruiting new pilots

If you are interested in flying with Naval Defence, join our in-game channel [NLDF-Public] or send us an in-game application to the appropriate corporation:

  • Naval Defence Force [NLDF]: For experienced pilots ready to fight and defend Providence
  • Naval Defence Academy [NLDA]: For new or returning pilots who want to learn from experienced instructors
  • Naval Defence Operations [NLDO]: An alt-corp for hauling, PI, mining, and other industrial activities