Muse LLP

The mantra of MUSE is ‘no drama’. We value the person, not the game character. MUSE was started by a group of friends from the early days of Eve who wanted to create an alternative to overbearing null sec drama queens. After various iterations, we became MUSE in 2011. MUSE began as a corporation, became an alliance, and condensed back into a corporation when we moved to Providence. We have flown in highsec, lowsec, WH, and nullsec.

MUSE offers a friendly, laid back environment with opportunities for PVP, mining, PvE, and industry. Our veterans don’t mind helping new and returning players. In fact, we love it. In the days of MUSE alliance, one of our corporations existed specifically to train new and returning players. We look for good people and we like to help them in Eve.

MUSE offers a great environment for capsuleers of all playstyles, whether they are very casual, or live, eat and breathe Eve. All that we ask that every member abide by our one rule – “no drama”, and that you participate when you can. We don’t coerce or threaten. We treat you like an adult. In return, our members tend to go above and beyond to help the team because they want to do so, not because they are told to do so. Like many of us, you probably work all day. Why come home to a second job? When you have fun and prosper, so do we.

MUSE is a proud member of the Yulai Federation and reside in YF space in Providence. We have a fun and active community, so don’t hesitate to say hi, pop into a fleet, jump into our public channel or join us on Discord.