Multispace Technologies Inc

Founded by a Canadian teenager back in 2010 as a high-sec mining corporation. We grew, we mined, we hauled and we thrived. Everybody was having a good time. Unfortunately we eventually attracted attention from wardeccers and we decided to relocate to a wormhole.

We quickly progressed from a c1 to a c3. Made loads of iskies and lost nearly all of our members. Leadership was handed over to McGringo when the teenager went to college. More members departed, McGringo recruited a corp thief who ran off with all of our ships.

McBorsk emerges as co-CEO and is super bored, convinces McGringo to move the corp to nullsec to be a part of something bigger and to obtain juicy moon goo income. After a brief visit to Stain we heard about Providence and NRDS and decided to apply to all the major alliances. Only one alliance responded and almost half a decade later we are still here.