Lone Wolf Union

Often described as the reclusive, pistachio-flavored ice cream in a world of chocolate lovers, Lone Wolf Union stands out as a bit of an oddball corporation in Yulai Federation.

If you’ve ever worked a night shift long after the daytime management has gone to bed, then you know what a joy it can be to have the run of the place. Being a primarily USTZ corporation in an otherwise EUTZ-centered alliance is a little bit like that. While some corps have a USTZ presence, Lone Wolf’s leadership is entirely located in North America and over the years the players in corp have reflected that as well. Our European corpmates are great, long-term industrial players who excel at what they do, and our Aussie bros are a couple of the most level-headed and dependable people I’ve gotten to play Eve with, but our primary playtime is USTZ, when most of the memberbase is online. This makes for a lot of fun nights trying to get fights in Provi, when the region is quieter and small & solo gang PvP is more possible. Anti-doctrine baitships, hotdrop fleets, hull-tanking and innumberable alts are all part of the Lone Wolf toolbox that our PvPers use to get fights, and we have a blast.

What do we do? What is Lone Wolf’s focus? Every corp is supposed to have a purpose in Eve, something they excel at, if you believe Reddit. After being in Lone Wolf for nearly three years, I think I can say that what we excel at is having fun and helping each other out.

Do we PvP? Sure, often in epic fashion. Do we screw it up sometimes? Yep. Again, in epic fashion. Go check out Reddit or our killboard or a couple of old TMC articles if you don’t believe me. In every case, the corp provides newbros with ships and the vets with doctrine things for the rare times we’re able to fly in a CTA. We feel that PvP is about finding a style that works for you and developing that style.

Do we PvE? Of course. What would a Provi corp be without ratters? For some it’s their primary ISK source and for others it’s an idle pastime, but we’ve got our share of ratters and they team up when needed and pontificate on fits with each other otherwise.

Do we mine? Yeah. With our home in N-RMSH the miners have a system to explore and focus on and provide boosts to, and I don’t think our miners have ever been happier.

Do we indy? Totally. If you can think of an area of Eve’s vast industrial game, then there’s someone in Lone Wolf that’s an expert in it and making mad ISK on the markets as a result. We’ve also got a logistics group that’s highly effective and efficient at getting things from A to B to boot.

So that’s a little bit about us, folks who join generally stay in corp for years, and you’ll always find a person to talk with about whatever you’re curious about. Thanks for reading,