IONSTAR is an ancient and tight-knit corporation, having been formed in the first few weeks of New Eden history by a core of zealous Dutch players. The corporation quickly expanded to include members from many countries, including the U.S., Canada, Japan, Great Britain, Australia and Belgium, to name a few.  From the very beginning, our goals were camaraderie, honourable conduct, corporation-wide trust, profitable activities and anti-piracy, tenets that we still holds dear to this day. This code of conduct naturally led the corporation to Providence, and we became a part of CVA.

IONSTAR was involved in one of the first major CCP sanctioned events in EVE history, after a member won an Imperial Apocalypse in the BIG Lottery. Not wishing to watch such a noble ship rust in a hangar, or use it for something as banal as ratting, or lose it to a blob, he decided to “return” the Impoc to emperor Heideran VII as part of a role-playing event. CCP got in on the action and brought in some “Minmatar rebels” to disrupt the process. Hundreds of players lined the route to Amarr, sometimes crashing nodes. Despite the interest, there was no major attempt made on the Impoc, and it was safely delivered. IONSTAR was named a “friend of the Empire”, and given Signed Copies of Pax Amarria, several of which still exist.

After several years with CVA, we found new inspiration in W-space. Setting up a base in a wormhole system, along with the requisite logistics chain is no small task, but the corporation, and our new alliance of Tritech Industries (formed by a core of former IONSTAR directors), began farming Sleepers and manufacturing Tech 3 products. While this was quite profitable for a time (and sometimes disastrously expensive), the call of K-space began to grow, and the corporation once again returned to Providence, this time joining Yulai Federation to pursue NRDS policy.

Those interested in being a part of EVE history, or just learning more about IONSTAR may contact Ixion.