Inner Circle Research

Inner Circle Research is the latest venture of a group of three long standing EVE Online friends. Ticonel, vostokA and me, Dracusio, go back to December 2011 when we met in an Alliance called New Genesis Syndicate. In those days we have all been entirely High-Sec focussed and sure enough we had the usual encounters with Griefers and Spies that made our High-Sec lives miserable. We drifted off in different directions just to meet again on other High-Sec Care Bear corps and we had episodes in Wormholes as well as in Providence in AY-YCU where we have been for a short time. The last corp we have been together was N3UR0TIC which was great but grew to fast and got into trouble over management styles and sharing responsibilities. Inner Circle Research came about as an alt corp for myself mainly. I wanted to have more Lab Space and my own POSes to increase research and production capacity. Also as alt corp for freight services etc. The name and the Logo represent that idea I had back then. Now that we have came together again in Inner Circle Research and added a few more players that became good EVE friends over time, we are mainly into production, research and trade. Some of us are very strong on the PvE side but we all have to learn a lot about PvP. Yulai Federation was was always this organisation to look up to. True values and truly honorable goals. I would go as far as to say, becoming part of Yulai Federation would for me personally count as the biggest achievement in EVE as of yet.

For the future we intend to greatly improve on the PvP front, keep growing slowly and healthy and keep playing for fun. We are a rather ‘old’ core group with a lot on in Real Life, so our policy is Real Life first and EVE is fun !

I C R welcomes all walks of live, nationalities, ethnicities and religions. Our policy is to be tolerant and respectful with everybody. We do not tolerate any form of extremism or racism in our corp and we tend to keep the strong language to a minimum. We do prefer to have players from either American or European Time Zones just for practical reasons.

Our principal language is in corp is English but we also have people the speak French, Dutch and German.