Globaltech Industries

Globaltech Industries is an industrial based corporation founded in 2007 as a high sec corporation for industrialists, miners and haulers.  However after moving to low sec, we started developing a PVP wing for the corporation due to the number of wars and bullies who started killing our peaceful members.  As time went by, the violence became enormous and finally an all-out POS war began against us in low sec (by ATLAS) that eventually pushed us out of our home.

After wandering the space lanes of high sec for some time, we changed the way we looked at ourselves and became a totally anti-pirate and anti-bullying corporation.  We started looking for similar corporations and pilots and found this in null sec in a small region of space called Providence.  Here we moved and eventually joined the Yulai Federation Alliance in northern Providence.

We are now part of the great NRDS (Not Red Don’t Shoot) provi-bloc coalition and have stood strong protecting the northern area of Providence since 2012.   The corporation contains both experienced and non-experienced pilots with an age range of teenagers to grandfathers. These people understand that while EVE and the corporation will always need them, real-life will always take priority.

Globaltech Industries will do what is necessary to survive in this hostile area of Providence so its members participate in many of the follow alliance operations including:

– Ops Escorts
– Trade Route Running
– Mining operations
– Manufacturing

Be strong, be armed, be wealthy and be GlobalTech Industries.