GamCorp was founded in January 2004, during EVE’s beta days, still to this day the same CEO resides – 12 years later. We really have experienced most of what EVE has to offer, while many corporations claim to boast this today, GamCorp is this. Our corporation has visited the EVE team in Iceland many times. We have met the the biggest names in EVE, we have drank in the best hotels in Iceland, we have done the blue lagoon. and met the girls.,

We are currently based in Providence, and have become acustomed to the NRDS way of life, GamCorp was part of the original NRDS coalition founded by Codo Yagari in the Great Wildands. Codo went on to form Yulai Federation, of which I am sure he had no idea the success that would become him. A mighty force in EVE which will always have a place in the history books, recently run by Snoodaard Thrasy and now led by the excellent leader and FC Rounon Dax. We have endured some of he biggest fights, costs per dollar per computer game, and news articles you woudln’t believe.

We have done it all, while many corporations boast to do it all, to be PvP orientated, mining orientated, or industrial, we have done them all due to our history in EVE. Then there is those who claim you should have one goal, this is not true – and we can offer you what EVE is, from it’s history, to today. Many of our members have 10 years+ service to our corporation.

Join GamCorp, not only are we an EVE corporation with passion, we are one of the longest surviving EVE corporations. And we survive, because we not only believe in NRDS, Providence, we survive because we are GamCorp.

I am Arbitos, I am the CEO of GamCorp, and I have been here since the beginning. Not only myself but a number of my corp mates do fanfest, we do EVE, WE ARE EVE.