Canadian Operations

Canadian Operations was originally founded in 2000 in a totally different game (a FPS). Some of us started playing Eve in late 2009 and so the eve corporation Canadian Operations was founded by The Renner and JustinV. Eventually others joined as well and we spent the first year or so of our existence living in High Sec doing exploration and missions. We ventured into wormholes and Low Sec only a few times, mostly staying in the safety of High Sec. Living in High Sec is only really viable for so long however, and we really felt like trying out something else in Eve.

One day in spring 2011 The Renner flew to Amarr and bought a control tower and with that our venture into Wormhole space (and the game for real) had finally begun. We started off small, finding what seemed to be a quiet c1 wormhole to setup in. Of course as luck would have it before we could even get our combat ships inside some other corporation came in and cleared out all of our sleeper sites. Determined not to get rolled over like that again, we quickly brought in combat ships in preparation for the next group to come into our new home. This lead to our first real PvP action not long after.

We learned quite a bit in the short time we spent in there, not the least of which was that a c1 wormhole with only a High Sec static doesn’t provide any real income to speak of, so the search was on for a new home. After many hours of scanning we eventually found a perfect c2, just what we were looking for, except there was another smaller corporation living inside. Upon seeing this, we did the gentlemanly thing and warmed his POS tower shields with our lasers and so began the first Canadian Operations siege. Before we hit the percentage to put the tower in reinforce however the owner logged on and we eventually worked out a deal where we would let him evacuate and even buy his tower off of him. Shortly afterwards we anchored our tower and a group of mercenaries happened to come inside our open static, and we got ransomed for 200m ISK, quite a dog eat dog world for us that day!

We lived in that wormhole for some time, making ISK, PvP, and even running a reaction tower but eventually we grew tired of all the scanning involved and the rolling of statics and decided it was time for a change. The only area of eve we really haven’t discovered at that time was Null Sec, and if we were going to live there we were going to need to be self sufficient, so I started training for a Rorqual to be able to move our stuff down while I told Oklem to find us an Alliance to join.

When Oklem told us about the Alliance he had found (Yulai Federation obviously!) I knew next to nothing about it or Provibloc. The main thing he told me was that they were NRDS “they only shoot reds” I was disappointed but then he said they have tons of reds, so its ok :p Then I remembered that when I started playing I heard about there being some area run by CVA where noobs could go and not get attacked by the locals, but also that it had collapsed and it was no more after -A- invaded. I had no idea that Providence had been retaken.

We moved down and setup shop in AY-YCU and ratted the anomalies and joined fleets. I remember being awe inspired by my first large fleet which was over 200 people in drakes and hurricanes thinking we were just about invincible (then getting absolutely crushed by a -A- Hellcat fleet) I also remember feeling the same way about our 200+man Hellcat fleet just before the Rooks and Kings (RnK) battle in 9-FOB haha. Inactivity has clammed many of us by now, but some of us still stick around and we look forward to the future!

TLDR: we did stuff, then we joined Yulai Federation and moved to Providence.