Blake Industries

Some are scared when they look into the endless dark, the vast cold emptiness of space. But if you look hard enough into the deepest corners there is light. It’s this light that caught the eye of a Retriever class mining pilot in the year YC106, not knowing the incandescent glow emitting from the Gneiss asteroid would be the catalyst for the industrial empire that would come before him.

Xepiov Founded Blake Industries in 2006 with a small band of dedicated pilots mining the ore and ice belts of the Minmatar republic, it’s with these materials Blake Industries became one of New Eden’s industrial power houses building some of the largest ships in the known EvE universe.

  • 0% Tax Rate — You Made It; You Keep It
  • High-Sec Headquarters in Amarr Space
  • Null-Sec Offices in Alliance
  • Sov held systems complete with POS’s for Industry and Protection
  • Regular High and Null-Sec Mining / PvP Ops
  • T1 and T2 Manufacturing
  • Active and Close-Knit Alliance Focusing on Industry, Missioning, and Fleet Ops
  • NRDS Policy Observed (Not Red, Don’t Shoot)
  • Mumble Alliance Coms
  • New-Pilot Friendly, with plenty of Veteran Pilots experienced in Exploration, Mission-Running, Wormholes, Industry, Research, Planetary Interaction, Mining, Ratting, Trading, PvP and Fleet Ops